earth - Terre di Corillo
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Cultivating the land in the heart of Salento is a daily challenge. There are times when this challenge between man and nature can be uneven, and Terre di Corillo farm is a true example.

It is a stratified, tough ground, in places indomitable, which sculpts also the character of those who work it.

An uneven limestone landscape dotted with sinkholes, caves, rocks and shell fossils, where man's work blends and integrates harmoniously with that of nature.

A primordial geography studded with a series of evocative caves, the Tagliate, and mellowed by the Mediterranean scrub.

A landscape that in places flushes with a red, fertile soil that is particularly rich in minerals, generous and difficult at the same time, because it is only found after a lengthy search and excavation.

One has to be born here to feel that sense of belonging, that deep-rooted, unbreakable bond that lasts a whole lifetime, profound and solid like the roots of the secular olive and carob trees.

One has to be born here to learn the art of tilling the soil, the ancient skills that are handed down from generation to generation, and to know the fatigue of cultivation that is rewarded generously with the intense and thrilling flavours that this land gives back. Flavours which we will soon be happy to share.