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The next challenge of Terre di Corillo is to create the ideal conditions for offering exclusive hospitality. The project, which is still in the stages of completion, aims to open up certain areas while sharing an experience of beauty and culture.

The storytelling of Terre di Corillo often passes through the charm of unique and genuine places which blend so perfectly with the landscape that they seem to have always been a part of it. A scrupulous work of preservation and restoration has, in fact, made it possible to retain the spirit and the timeless atmosphere of Salento, by improving its various structures on the basis of criteria such as quality, taste and refinement.

This can be seen in the comfortable lodgings set in beautiful natural surroundings and lush gardens, in which prickly pears, almond and other fruit trees grow spontaneously among the heady and indistinct aromas of aromatic herbs, all in a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication.

Re-emerging from the past in all its splendour, meanwhile, is the romantic 16th-Century dovecote tower, that overlooks a secret garden built around a small circular pond, once the watering hole of the doves.

A limpid turquoise eye, an oasis of peace scented with jasmine, where the silence is broken only by the gentle sound of the water.

Lastly, an expanse of ancient olive trees, the undisputed emblem of Puglia, acts as a backdrop to a charming house nestled in the olive groves, today restored to its demure and ancient beauty and characterised by the coats of arms that decorate its outer walls.