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Negroamaro Red IGT

At Terre di Corillo the past is deeply interwoven with the present.

Traditions live on in the genuine flavour of a red Negroamaro, forged by the sun and the wind. The horizon crosses time. The story continues.

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Primitivo Red IGT

At Terre di Corillo quality is cultivated every day, with patience and passion. Caressed by the wind, the bunches of grapes are nurtured by expert hands, in keeping with tradition.

A red Primitivo wine, simple and elegant, intense and awe-inspiring like the landscape surrounding the vineyards.

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Primitivo Red IGT

A warm, passionate Primitivo wine that evokes the ancient origins and atmospheres of Terre di Corillo.

Produced in a limited edition from an old, rare grape variety (alberello), this is a unique, high-alcohol meditation wine. It captures the senses and goes straight to the heart.

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Negroamaro Rosè IGT

The Negroamaro rosé of Terre di Corillo is bright as a summer morning and has the full flavour of grapes ripened in the southern sun.

The strength of the wind, the boldness of nature, the experience of man. The scents of the Mediterranean scrub transformed into vibrant notes of freshness.

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