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An exclusive experience, with the accent on harmony and beauty, in the heart of Salento. The landscape of Terre di Corillo is dotted with uniquely charming buildings: the historic, elegant Masseria, with its picturesque dovecote tower and art labyrinth; the small, cosy rural dwellings; the 18th-Century church of San Michele Arcangelo… This is a constantly evolving project, which touches and engages all five senses, leaving space for dreams and poetry. A place suspended between past, present and future, deep in the Mediterranean scrub, interspersed with vineyards, centuries-old olive groves and orchards, all cultivated with passion, with respect for mankind and the environment. Terre di Corillo’s wine, oil and genuine produce are irresistible with their intense, clean flavours, infused with the aromas of the Mediterranean scrub and the heat of the sunshine which only this generous, resolute land can offer.

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