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ancient craftsmanship

origins & heritage

Ancient practices, ancient craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation, and individuals who continue to embrace this important legacy, keeping the tradition alive by applying it in a contemporary context.

It is thanks to these people, the work of their hands, their passion, experience and expertise, that it was possible to restore the land of Terre di Corillo, to reconstruct its ideal setting, an interweaving and sedimentation of different eras and cultures, art and history, but also nature and skill, rural wisdom and rigorous frugality.

To use to the full this important cultural heritage transmitted by Terre di Corillo we have followed existing traces.

We learned to listen to the silence, interpreting the signs and striving to understand what the place truly wished to convey.

The genesis of its transformation, which began in 1996 and is still ongoing, has demanded the time, patience and ability of many people, whose work we would like to honour by telling some of their stories.